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Application: especially for tough materials such as glass, tiles, metals, etc... Aspect: very brilliant.
Cleaning: CT 1000/1 or CT 1000.
Drying and hardening: by adding hardener HPX.

-Dust-free: after 60 min.
-Stackable: after 3 hours.
-hard: after 24 – 48 hours.
Tunnel-drying: speeds up the drying process, but putting on drying shelves is still compulsory.
Proportions ink/hardener: 85% inks /15% hardener.
PX 1000 - Quick reducer.
PX 2000 - Normal reducer.
PX 3000 - Slow reducer.
PX 5000 - Very slow reducer.
Average reducinglevel: 15%.
Mesh: 90T-170T.
Emulsion: use a solvent-proof emulsion.
Colours: Available colours

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