Application: practically all textiles, natural as well as synthetic.

  • Transfer: Suits for cold transfer.
  • Nylon: (KW jackets): very good adherence after addition of +/-10% nyloncat catalyst. the mixture is only 24 hours tenable.

Covering capacity: 

  • -All standard colours: good.
  • -Quadri's: transparent.
  • Fluo's: semi-transparent.
  • White: super covering.
  • Wet on wet: excellent.

Cleaning: with thinner CT 1000/1.
Polymerisation: 150 –170°C during about 2'.

  • - Reducer n°1: add 5%.
  • - Curable reducer: add unlimited.

Screen type: 

  • Standard colours: 34 – 90P
  • Quadri's: 77 – 120P
  • Gold and glitter: 15P

Emulsion: use solvent resistant emulsion.

  • Flashwhite: good covering capacity, quick drying. Serves as basic printing coat on black material.
  • Covering white: super covering, but very flexible. Can also be used as mixing colour in order to make other colours more covering.

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