• -Varnish uvilux UV 150/20, 150/...: as super brilliant on offset printing or screen printing.
  • -Inks: for paper and cardboard, recto/verso.

Cleaning: CT 1000 or CT 1000/1.
Drying: Only with UV-light, 1 to 2 lights of 80-100 WATT.Beltspeed:25 to 30 m./min.
Dilution: normal reducer UV 2000.
Mesh: 150/34 oo 165/31voor inks, for varnish 185.
Emulsion: use solvent-proof emulsion.
Colours: Available colours.
Flexibility: the varnish as well as the ink are flexible enough to fold 180°. This is very important with the manufacture of displays.

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