Applications: Very suitable for thermoformage.
Inks: Very flexible ink for printing on self adhesives, banners, preliminary treated polypropylene and polyethylene, glass (depending of the application), polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC, and a lot of flexible plastics.
Varnish: TFUV 150: very brilliant varnish for the same materials as mentioned above.
Aspect: Brilliant and very covering colors.
Cleaning:  Cellulosic thinner CT 1000 or CT 1000/1.
Drying: 1 till 2 UV-Lamps of 80-100 watt. The better you dry it, the better the adherence will be.Especially for PE and PP, a very strong curing must be given.
P 150.34 for inks.
P 185 for varnishes.
Emulsion: Solvent-resistant emulsion.
Squeegee: Hard squeegee.
Colours: Available colours.


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